portrait_debMy passion for design and jewelry making began early in my youth – in the late 60’s and 70′s, growing up just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

An element of design that deeply influences me is the potency of color in its relationship to texture. A fascination for patterns in nature, combined with a continual return to organic structures, lead me to new design ideas. Capturing details that are at once intriguing, well-proportioned, and pleasingly tactile is the goal. All of these factors are the trademarks of my work.

Jewelry is an intimate and personal art form: it’s worn directly on the skin. The art of my trade is in working closely with clients to create pieces of lasting beauty which perfectly complement the individual’s own unique personality, style, and taste.

To maintain exceptionally high standards in my studio, I work only with top quality precious metals from ethically recycled sources whenever possible. Each piece of jewelry is carefully set by hand using the finest gemstones available, which I’ve personally selected from a wide array of established and reputable gem dealers worldwide. With each design I seek out beautifully balanced gemstones focusing on vibrant colors, well proportioned cuts, and excellent clarity (i.e. having the fewest inclusions and/or natural imperfections).  Paying attention to every detail, with an eye for beauty as much as functionality, I aim to create beautifully designed pieces of lasting value.

What I enjoy most about my craft is collaborating directly with my clients. In working through the process of creative stretching and growth, opportunities arise for them to express themselves through the design. Coaxing materials into harmonious balance, creating a perfectly finished piece made specifically for its individual wearer; I aim to imbue each piece of jewelry with these essential qualities to best symbolize what’s being celebrated.